“If everybody was satisfied with himself there would be no heroes.” --Mark Twain

Not satisfied? Become a hero!

We are hoping to reopen next year; however, it will not be in Long Beach, CA.

Stay tuned!

Email jeremy@lionspridelb.com with any questions.

Increase your strength, stamina, and tone with the full-body workout offered by Kung Fu. With our classes, you’ll stay in shape while having fun, learning an art taught to generations of people for self-defense and discipline.

Lion’s Pride offers traditional Kung Fu taught in a modern fashion that everyone can perform and enjoy for fitness and self-defense.  We have a friendly environment and a variety of training equipment, obstacles, and routines. Join our “Pride,” our martial arts-based family, and begin your journey and transformation.

Lion’s Pride focuses on a handful of objectives that any martial artist will welcome:

  • A challenging workout tempered with modern understanding of the body
  • Solid instruction in exciting traditional forms that everyone can do
  • Detailed breakdown of each technique to show how movements can be applied to self-defense
  • Practical partnered instruction in self-defense and sparring
  • A common sense approach to breathing and meditation, one stripped of mystery and focused on actual physical effects